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Conventional A.C. Drum Seam Welding is Energy Inefficient

Most loads on an electrical distribution system fall into one of three categories; resistive, inductive or capacitive. In the case of the conventional single phase AC drum welder it is normally inductive. All inductive loads require two kinds of power to operate:-

  • Active power (kwatts) - to produce the welding current
  • Reactive power (kvar) - magnetic field losses

The operating power from the distribution system is composed of both active (working) and reactive (non-working) elements. The active power does useful work in welding the drum whereas the reactive power is the inefficiency of the machine. The bad news is that you are charged for both!

SS1200 is a new type of inverter welding control, utilizing the latest power switching and electronics to allow AC drum welding to be allied with the reduced installation and operating costs previously only possible with DC welding.

SS1200 is suitable for connection between a conventional single-phase AC drum welding machine transformer and a threephase electrical supply; and comprises of the following elements:-



SS1200Advantages of SS1200 Inverter:

  • Balanced power connection across 3 phases
  • Increase in power efficiency
  • Superior weld quality with use of full sine wave
  • Superior edge weld with precision initiation
  • Constant current regardless of electrode condition or material resistance
  • Smaller heat band due to higher welding frequency
  • Improved weld wheel life
  • Simplified weld control settings
  • Can be connected to standard AC transformer

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