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WS700DWeld Controls & Monitors

The WS700D has been developed specifically for controlling the weld parameters of steel drum welding machines. It is the latest control supplied with new Federal Welder FW series automatic drum welding machines and can be supplied to replace obsolete controls of existing welding machines of most makes.

The control is simple to program and operate through a menu displayed on a 4 line LCD display and keypad. The menu steps through the weld sequence by means of arrow keys and the parameters changed by means of + /- keys.

Using all the features of MS Windows, WS98-700D allows you to program, monitor and archive the data in your WS700D welding control. Connection to the weld control is via a fast but simple RS232 link and settings are displayed in tabbed windows with each window showing only the parameters relevant to your application.The WS98 is an essential aid to the WS700D that makes programming very easy and provides information for quality control.

  • Dedicated drum welder sequence
  • 64 programs of weld settings
  • Constant current mode
  • Phase angle or current programming
  • Weld current monitoring
  • Weld pressure monitoring
  • Proportional valve control
  • Detailed weld cycle log
  • 50 or 60Hz operation
  • 4 line LCD display
  • Menu driven programming
  • Inbuilt programming keypad
  • Counter function
  • Optional windows based programming
  • Primary or secondary current feedback

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