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Exit Conveyors & Tang Cropper

Tang CropperThe FW Tang cropping machine is designed to cut off the weld tangs produced at each end of a steel drum body from an automatic seam welding machine. This minimises the possibility of leaks at the triple seam which can be caused by excessive build up of material at the weld seam and reduces wear and tear of the triple seam forming rolls.

The Exit conveyor transports the welded drum from the welding machine to the Cropping station, which automatically cuts off the Tang produced at the start and end of the weld by the welding and planishing process.

The conveyor is floor standing with a swing up section to allow for the planishing roll to be opened for maintenance. The conveyor consists of two parallel synthetic belts that are driven by an electric motor.

The tang croppers are hydraulically operated shears mounted between the belts. After the tangs are cut off the drum is ejected 90 degrees the conveyor, straight on or uplifted to the vertical position.

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